Step UP schools:
Louis Agassiz Elementary School in Jamaica Plain
Elihu Greenwood Elementary School in Hyde Park

Harvard's work in Step UP reflects the expertise of the Harvard Achievement Support Initiative (HASI), a program focused on creating high-quality learning opportunities for children in early child care and out-of-school time settings.  In partnership with the Step UP schools, Harvard seeks to enrich student learning by providing research-based training and coaching for after school staff, professional development for school-day teachers, leadership coaching, Massachusetts standards-aligned materials and activities, and Harvard College and graduate student volunteers.

HASI's signature program, SmartTALK: Homework Support for Kids, is designed to improve the quality of academic time in after-school programs through the use of homework kits (including learning materials and games for homework support, transitions and learning centers), coaching support, staff professional development, and family events.  Through SmartTALK, a 60-90 minute block that is integrated into existing after-school programs, staff help students develop better organization and study skills, become more effective problem solvers, talk about (and show) what they know and work well in groups.  As of the 2009-10 academic year, SmartTALK will be integrated into afterschool programs in every Step UP school serving elementary students.  



Harvard Step UP Team

Emily Barr
Program Coordinator, Harvard Achievement Support Initiative

Brandon Due
Staff Assistant, Harvard Achievement Support Initiative

Maria Cordon
Principal, Louis Agassiz Elementary School

Paige Lewin
Associate Director, Community Programs

Lauren Marshall
Public Information Officer for Community Programs and University Planning,
Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Joan Matsalia
Assistant Director, HASI Program Management and Professional Development

Kevin McCluskey
Senior Director of Community Relations for Boston

Lisa Moellman
Assistant Director, HASI Program Management and Professional Development

Joshua Poupore
Associate Communications Officer, Harvard Public Affairs and Communications

Maudlin Wright
Principal, Elihu Greenwood Elementary School