Winthrop Elementary School

Walter Henderson, Principal
35 Brookford Street, Dorchester, MA 02125
Phone: 617-635-8379
Directions via Google Maps
Access via MBTA Public Transit
BPS Report on Teaching & Learning for Wintrop Elementary

Step UP Partner University: Boston College
FCOC: David Ramos
Number of students: 296


Step UP Activities

  • Boston College provided a leadership coach to the Russell School. The coach and principal met one-on-one and also in joint meetings with the Winthrop principal. Themes included priority setting, professional-staff development, supervision, problem solving, and leadership development.
  • BC implemented two three-year Collaborative Fellows Grants. The curriculum and findings from both grants will be shared with all Step UP schools. “Genres of Writing: A Team-Based Intervention” focuses on developing and implementing a curriculum for teaching writing, as well as on researching the impact of a genre-based approach to students’ writing. Teachers and the BC team assessed the skills students need to successfully complete MCAS examinations that require writing. Teachers then developed a curriculum for grades, four and five which helps students analyze the genres of writing samples in each subject, and answer associated questions.
  • The “Mindful Teacher Leadership” project seeks to create new forms of lateral support for BPS teachers to address issues that emerge as part of daily instruction, to develop common strategies for improving student achievement, and to conduct jointly authored scholarship about teachers’ collaborative learning at monthly “Mindful Teacher Leadership” seminars.
  • Boston College partnered with the Urban Ecology Institute to offer its workshops to Winthrop science teachers. The workshops explore the biological and social aspects of urban ecosystems; establish scientific observation and sampling techniques for educators to use with their students; and provide a forum for discussions about pedagogical strategies that promote student learning and enhance stewardship.
  • In October Winthrop’s principal was honored a one of the keynote speakers at the Annual Urban Scholars Reception at Boston College.
  • Three Boston College Donovan Urban Teaching Scholars completed their pre-practicum experiences at the Winthrop in the fall, and all three scholars remained at the Winthrop for the five-day-a-week practicum in the spring, in grades, one, three, and five.
  • As part of the HEAR (Help Education through Athletic Responsibility) Program, seven diverse members of Boston College’s women’s basketball team spoke to fourth- and fifth-grade students about achieving goals, striving to be the best, and the importance of a college education.
  • In collaboration with the Winthrop Family and Community Outreach Coordinator offered two workshops at the Thinking about the Future event at the Winthrop. One workshop shared the story of a Latina graduate-student’s path to college; the other in partnership with minority recruitment officers from MIT, Harvard, Spelman, Tufts, and Boston College Financial Aid, provided families with information about financial aid and the college application process.  
  • As part of Boston College’s Early College Awareness Program, Winthrop students toured the Boston College campus, dining in the cafeteria, and were encouraged to follow their interests.
  • To help students explore college, BC Athletics gave complimentary tickets for the BC-Maryland football game to 70 students and five Winthrop staff members. Students and their families also attended the final championship game of BC women’s basketball.  
  • Two Tufts University nutrition graduate students staffed a nutrition education booth at a parent night at the Winthrop YMCA after-school program site.
  • Tufts nutrition graduate students ran two training workshops for after-school program leaders and sent them Health Eating Active Time (EAT) Club curriculum. Leaders at the YMCA site were sent weekly updates and tips and were asked for feedback on a regular basis. A healthy- life style newsletter for parents and children was sent to leaders for distribution.
  • Harvard supported two after-school programs (62 children) at the Winthrop, providing a fall orientation to the SmartTALK program, as well as three separate professional development sessions for all after-school staff during the year. HASI provided additional homework supplies and other materials to supplement and refresh the SmartTALK kits from 2007-2008 and new activity guides to help improve use of the SmartTALK materials. In addition, a HASI staff member conducted weekly coaching visits from November to June at the Winthrop to further solidify the inclusion of the SmartTALK materials and philosophy in the after-school programs. Finally, to extend the learning beyond after-school time, HASI conducted an ELA-focused family night and gave materials to every family for use at home.